Historical Dictionary of the Etruscans. .

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  • Clusium — was an ancient city in Italy, one of several found at the site. The current municipality of Chiusi (Tuscany) partly overlaps this Roman walled city. The Roman city remodeled an earlier Etruscan city, Clevsin, found in the territory of a… …   Wikipedia

  • Etruscan society — is mainly known through the memorial and achievemental inscriptions on monuments of Etruscan civilization, especially tombs. This information emphasizes family data. Some contractual information is also available from various sources.See under… …   Wikipedia

  • Sociedad etrusca — Los dos bailarines, imagen de la tumba de Triclinium, en Tarquinia. Gran parte de lo que conocemos acerca de la sociedad etrusca es gracias a las inscripciones propias de los monumentos etruscos, especialmente de las tumbas, ya que no dejaron… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Клузий — Эта статья или раздел  грубый перевод статьи на другом языке (см. Проверка переводов). Он мог быть сгенерирован программой переводчиком или сделан человеком со слабыми познаниями в языке оригинала. Вы можете помочь …   Википедия

  • MAGISTRATESHIP —    The magistrateship is a well documented form of Etruscan government, especially in the fifth to third century BC. A number of titles for such officials are recorded in inscriptions, most prominently Zilath, but also other terms such as camthi …   Historical Dictionary of the Etruscans

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