A small 1.5-hectare Final Bronze Age settlement in the Tolfa hills of South Etruria. Related sites in the same area of the Tolfa hills include Allumiere, Caolino, Castellina di Cerasolo, Castellina di Marangone, Cibona, Coste Del Marano, Croce Di Bura, Elceto, Fontana del Papa-Tolficciola, Forchetta del Sasso, Forchetta di Palano, Monte Urbano, La Tolfaccia, Monte Sant’Angelo, Monte delle Grazie, and Tolfa.

Historical Dictionary of the Etruscans. .

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  • FINAL BRONZE AGE —    The final phase of the Bronze Age dating between approximately 1175 and 925 BC (using latest adjustments from dendrochronology), also known as the Protovillanovan in central Italy. Settlements were of village dimensions, ranging from one to 15 …   Historical Dictionary of the Etruscans

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